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Cover Feature: Convenient Care Clinics
12 Retail Clinics Find Niche in Health Care Marketplace
By Jim Braibish, St. Louis Metropolitan Medicine

8 Help Wanted on the Dark Web
By Derrick Weisbrod
10 Acting Like a Doctor: Unique SLU Course 
By David Nowak, Executive Vice President
16 CMS Issues New Site-Neutral Rule for Outpatient and Physician Clinic Payments
By Arthur Gale, MD
18 Treating Chronic Pain as a Public Health Crisis
By Amanda Harris

2 President’s Page: Retail Therapy
By Ramona Behshad, MD, Medical Society President
4 Executive Vice President: A Day at the Capitol
By David M. Nowak, Medical Society Executive Vice President
11 Harry’s Homilies: On Retail Clinics
By Harry L.S. Knopf, MD
24 Parting Shots: Lucky Number Seven
By Richard J. Gimpelson, MD

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Cover Feature: SLMMS 2019 Annual Meeting

2 Increasing Participation and Advocacy, Particularly Among Younger Physicians
Installation Address by President Ramona Behshad, MD
6 Medical Society Makes Our Mark in the Community
Address by outgoing President Christopher A. Swingle, DO
8 MSMA: Working on Behalf of Physicians
Excerpts from remarks by MSMA President Joseph Corrado, MD
10 Photos from the 2019 SLMMS Annual Meeting
12 Congratulations 50-Year Members
13 Thank You to Our 2019 Annual Meeting Sponsors
14 Q&A With SLMMS 2019 President Ramona Behshad, MD

20 Three Simple Steps for Tackling Your Medical Student Loan Debt
By Jean Dennis

24 Parting Shots: Peer to Peer
By Richard J. Gimpelson, MD
16 Harry’s Homily: On Performance
By Harry L.S. Knopf, MD