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SLMMS Members: Make sure you have Medjet Assist for your summer travel

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Take Trips. Not Chances.  Be sure you have a way back to the hospital of your choice should you become ill or injured on your 2014 travel.  The St. Louis Metropolitan Medical Society would like to remind you that Medjet offers unparalleled medical evacuation protection for domestic and international travelers.  Plus, SLMMS members and associates receive special discounted annual rates of $235 for an individual and $360 for a family for Medjet’s hospital of choice medical evacuation and repatriation membership program.  Domestic air medical transports average $20,000 while international medical transports can easily exceed $100,000.  As a MedjetAssist member, the annual membership fee is your only expenditure for complete domestic and international travel protection.

You can access these rates online at  or call MedjetAssist at 1-800-527-7478 to enroll by telephone.  Please refer to the St. Louis Metropolitan Medical Society when calling.  Enroll today!  Travel with confidence.  Travel with MedjetAssist.  

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